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How Feine Häuser opened up a new market through rebranding

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In 2024, branding and personal branding have become crucial for any business. With numerous companies competing for the top spot in every market and AI handling much of the work that once made companies stand out, the image a company projects has become more important than ever.

Companies are no longer the impersonal constructs they once were. It's increasingly about creating a community through one's brand, addressing a group of people who share the same values as the company.

This was the main goal of Angelika Sedlar. Her company, Fine Houses, an interior design studio, aimed to become a brand that allows customers to understand from the first contact the kind of service and quality they can expect.

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Where We Started

We began by rebuilding the company and its image from the ground up. It had to be clear and understandable what Fine Houses stands for and who Angelika Sedlar is. The first step was to determine which market Fine Houses wanted to target.

The Project Goal

The goal was clear: customers in the luxury sector. To attract and convince such customers that Fine Houses should be their first choice compared to other interior design studios in Austria, we had to develop an eye-catching design.

It needed to be the perfect combination of elegance, luxury, and clear storytelling to guide a customer through the site with ease but still with a wow effect. By the time they reached the prices, they should already be convinced that Fine Houses is the studio they want to work with.

And we achieved that.

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At our last meeting, during the discussion of the final version of the website, we achieved the "Wow" moment we hoped for with Angelika Sedlar. The website was perfect, combining minimalism and luxury, showcasing Feine Häuser exactly as Angelika Sedlar wanted.

After the official launch, it quickly became clear to Feine Häuser' customers that the website was a complete success.

What Feine Häuser stands for now

Feine Häuser has been commissioned for several projects in the luxury sector. Thanks to the website, several clients have already contacted her, convinced by the quality she demonstrates online, and chose Feine Häuser over other interior designers.

The first impression of the website was so impressive that they not only explored the entire site but also found the price justified by its quality.

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For us, the project was a complete success and a great opportunity to give Feine Häuser a new image.