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Thrive85 Clinic


We chose JK21.STUDIO because we believed they could help make our site unique. Since we aim to make a lasting impact with our company, the website design needed to appeal to our customers and showcase the quality they can expect from us. JK21.STUDIO helped us achieve this, attracting new customers within the first few days.

Katrien de vusser
Project Description

When Katrien contacted us for a new project, we were excited about the idea behind Thrive85 Clinic. This allowed us to tailor the design to Thrive85 Clinic's image, creating an impressive design that elicited a “Wow” moment from new customers. The excellent collaboration was made possible by constant communication between our team and Katrien. Consequently, the project was completed in record time.

what we did

Art Direction

Thrive85 Cln.
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The first impression on a website is crucial. Visitors should be immediately captivated. Impressive animations significantly help with this.

JK21.STUDIO / Projekt Image

Our goal was to present Katrien in a way that people immediately know who they are dealing with and exactly who Katrien de Vusser is.

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The website should be very easy to navigate, allowing users to move from one page to another effortlessly.

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Katrien invested a lot of time finding the right images and texts for her website, and this investment paid off.

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Customers should be able to contact Katrien quickly and easily. Additionally, new customers should have access to her articles.